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A great word to describe the purpose of my app is delight. I want it to be delightful to use with nice interactions and few delighters/easter eggs hidden here and there. This puts the microinteractions in focus and I’ve started on a hunt to find examples of these. Here is a collection of some of my favourite ones:



Plume is a Twitter client for the Android market that sneakily changes its notification sounds to match festive time periods. For example during the Christmas holiday the notification sounds is sleigh bells.



A random quote displayed if the to do list is empty

A random quote displayed if the to do list is empty

The to do list app for iPhone displays an inspirational quote if you open a list that doesn’t have any items in it yet. There are also secret themes that get unlocked as you perform certain tasks. Like the night owl theme that gets unlocked by completing a list late in the night.



A to do app with character. If you hit the “lens” of the app mascot it portrays a message. If you keep doing it the messages get increasingly angry until it decides that you are doing it because it is reacting to it and starts ignoring you. The app also get’s angry if you do not complete the to do tasks.



The two states of the WTHR app

The two states of the WTHR app

This weather app changes the colour scheme based on if you look at it during the day or night.



An app for the Google email service. If there are no emails the app tells you to have a lovely day. If there is no internet connection it shows a sad cloud.



In the shop view of this social networking app when physically tilting the phone the items on the app “shop window” tilt accordingly.


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