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Iterate, iterate


After looking into finding inspiration for the pattern I started experimenting with the visuals. I find that the process that works for me the best is one of iterating through several versions. I usually start with a very rough sketch on paper and use that as a starting point when moving on to work on the computer. But then many times I find that things that worked nicely on paper don’t actually translate very well onto more high-fidelity sketches. This is where iteration comes in. It’s more like a sketching/testing process where I sketch with rough elements that still somewhat resemble the final elements. This way of working means though that there is a huge amount of sketches and most of them are quite embarrassingly bad.

I started exploring with a more geometric look, trying to still stay somewhat fateful to the visual identity I’d been looking at previously. After several iterations it became clear though that I wasn’t really getting anywhere with that. I then moved on to the more natural look and feel of a water colour background, which fit in better. I also adore the kind of hand-crafter quility of it that I think fits very well with the feel of the app as well with one of the main interactions resembling drawing.

Testing the patterns

Testing the patterns


As can be seen I still decided to keep with the circles. I do like the idea of having it as a reference to emoticons. For a long time I was also keeping with the yellow+grey kind of colour scheme but then further in decided to start experimenting with other colours as well. Looking into colour schemes I found a lovely combination of yellow, few greys and a lovely light blue that I felt had a very nice, energetic and friendly feel to it that fit the tone of my project well. For this exercise I was concentrating on getting the background and structure right so the circles are very undesigned. I also did few experiments with fonts, but nothing too extensive yet.

Obviously I am not there yet with the visuals so more iterations will follow.

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