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I though it might be a worth while to go over some of decisions made about the technology related to my project. As I’ve mentioned before from the beginning I was gearing my project towards an iPhone application. At the start of the year I identified iPhone apps as something that my portfolio was missing. After deciding on a concept the main technical decision was what technology to use to prototype the final concept. This boiled down to two different options that I already explored in my PeDeTe sheets: a native app and a web app.

After considering these two alternatives I decided to build the prototype using html, css and javascript. I concluded that these skills would be more useful for me in the long run as they can be applied to a bigger variety of projects in the future.

As I’ve never actually build anything this substantial using HTML, CSS or JavaScript before I decided to use an existing framework to build mark 1 but soon realised as I moved on to implement some of the more challenging parts that the restrictions of that framework would hinder my prototype too much. I swopped to another framework, one as well meant for building web apps, for mark 2. This allowed for a lot greater variety of things to be implemented but as with the first one I hit a wall at some stage in the development. After these two start-overs I decided that the benefits of building using an existing framework were not worth the  trouble they were giving me. Third time the charm, after starting with a clean slate things have ran a lot smoother. No project is obviously without it’s hiccups but I believe that the worst has been conquered.

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