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The great pattern hunt


Over the last couple of days I’ve been hunting for patterns that could inspire the background pattern used in my application. With the guidance of few textiles students I hit few recommended pattern books to see what style would hit my fancy. Here are few of the directions that really had something that intrigued me:

“Watercolour” patterns

watercolour inspiration

watercolour inspiration

+handmade quality that would mirror the hand-drawn strokes

-how would the other interface elements fit in?

-/+very different direction in style from what I’ve been previously pursuing. This might not be a bad thing though as I’ve been hitting a wall there too so a change in direction might be just what I need.


Circle patterns

Pattern inspiration

Pattern inspiration

+circles could be the “theme” of the app

+the actual UI element circle would be easy to blend into the bg

-is there such thing as too much of a good thing/too many circles?

Two toned patterns

Two tone inspiration

Two tone inspiration

+instead of colour opacity or intensity could be used to create the difference

Other ideas that rose from these:

-I could use the curved lines of the smilies to form the pattern.

-Colour could be used underneath pattern instead of on top of it thus almost like lighting up the pattern in the foreground.

-A ripple effect could be used from the circles, deeply incorporating them into the pattern.

Besides hitting the library I also tapped into the wealth of resources available online. Here is a collection of some of the materials I found. Most of these fall under one of the three categories mentioned earlier.

Pattern inspiration

Pattern inspiration



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